5 Cheer Makeup Mistakes You're Probably Making

Posted by Colleen 06/04/2016 0 Comment(s) Cheer Makeup,

It's easy to break out of our natural daytime makeup routine in the cheer world.....that is until competition day and everyone on the team is frantic about team makeup looking consistent and spot on. I have heard a lot of complaints over the last few months.  To avoid makeup mayhem, here are the top 5 cheer makeup mistakes I've heard over the last few months while talking with gym owners across the country at the USASF Coaches Conferences.

  1. Eye shadow wears off - Most Cheer Mom's are not makeup artists so the importance of a good eye primer is not understood.  The difference in color and wear is night and day when you use a good eye primer. Eye-PrimerApply your primer from your lash line to your brow before applying your eye shadows.  The colors will pop and the shadows will not crease or wear.
  2. Glitter falls everywhere - The key to applying glitter is in the glue.  When using a Glitter Glue with an applicator, apply the glitter glue to the area where you want the glitter to stick.  Think about the shape you are trying to achieve before apply the glitter.  Planning ahead on what you want the finished look to be is the key.  Glitter ApplicationAlways dip your brush into the glitter and then PAT onto the eye.  If you rub, the glitter will fall everywhere.  You can hold a tissue under the eye to catch any fallout.  The other alternative is to apply the glitter wet for a no fall out application.  To apply glitter wet, you need to purchase a special formula glitter adhesive that you dip your brush into to wet the glitter.  Most people do not even realize they can apply glitter wet just like a cream eye shadow.
  3. Lip Stick on the uniform - I hear the same theme at every venue I travel, "I want a lip stick that does not come off on our uniform."  This is a difficult problem to solve since lip sticks and lip glosses are typically manufactured with moisturizing ingredients and heavy pigments.  These ingredients are oils and waxes Lip Stainwhich feel glossy on the lips.  Lip Paints are manufactured with ingredients that dry the pigments onto the lips.  In both cases, there are heavy pigments in each product almost making it impossible to eliminate transfer of pigment onto clothing or skin.  The secret to applying Lip Paints is to apply light even coats letting each coat completely dry between applications. Do not apply like a lip gloss, this will leave heavy pigment and excessive dryness on the lips.  After you reach the desired color, blot the lips with a tissue to remove excess pigment before applying a gloss.  For a true lip stain, you can purchase a water based formula which adds a stain to the lips without heavy pigments or glosses.  The stain soaks into to the lips and adds a hint of color.  The pigment is much lighter with a lip stain but there will be much less of a risk to transfer a lip stain once it absorbs completely into the lips.  You can layer the stain until you achieve the desired color, blot and apply a gloss just like the lip paint.  For further protection, use a Pretty Girl Cosmetics Lip Seal.
  4. The color does not match the uniform - There seems to a quest to find the perfectly matching color to the Smokey Eye Lookteam uniform.  Sometimes, finding that perfect match seems impossible.  Going with a lighter or darker shade is perfectly acceptable and often is a great contrast to the team uniform.  Another solution is to choose a classic look like a smokey eye in neutral colors.
  5. Everyone on the team looks different - The biggest complaint I have heard over the last few months is that the parents all apply the products differently and inconsistently.  The best way to avoid makeup mayhem this is to do a trial run with the girls and team parents.  Find that team parent who has the ability to apply the makeup exactly the way you want to and have a tutorial at the gym before competition day.  Another option is to contact your makeup provider and have them do a video tutorial for you.

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