Create a Flawless Look with Cheer Makeup Made Easy

Posted by Colleen 06/04/2016 2 Comment(s) Cheer Makeup,

Why does makeup have to be so hard?  There seems to be an entire class of women who apply makeup like a YouTube makeup guru and then there are those who dread the thought of applying cheer makeup for competition. The older girls seem to have their makeup on flawlessly while our younger girls struggle with creating a consistent look.  The biggest complaint I hear from cheer coaches and cheer parents is that their teams do not have a consistent makeup application and everyone looks different when they hit the mat.  Finally Pretty Girl Cosmetics has a solution to all that makeup anxiety!  Pretty Girl Cosmetics Press On Eye Shadow Applicators!

This patented, revolutionary application technology, that is so easy, fast and fun to use that it everyone from the makeup junkie to the makeup artist to the makeup-averse can use this product. Imagine a cotton soft disposable applicators already applied with mineral eye shadows in colors and designs ranging from subtle daytime to smoldering performance looks, created to suit every skin tone and ethnicity.

These are single-use, hygienic, hypoallergenic applicators that require no makeup skills, no brushes or secondary applicators. Imagine an eye shadow that is waterproof, crease-proof, and long-wearing that transfers to the eyelid with just a touch. The result is nothing short of amazing.

A professional, flawless look every time.

  • The original 24-hour Eye Shadow

  • 100% Pure Mineral Makeup

  • Waterproof

  • Built-in-Primer

  • Eye shadow that last all day

We can even create custom looks with your custom colors and designs!!  

2 Comment(s)

Cynthia Gutierrez:
06/01/2017, 08:28:27 AM

If we only need a couple to try out, is that OK or do we need to order a large quantity

10/07/2017, 07:19:05 AM

Hi Cynthia. We offer sample kits to gym and studio owners. If you would like to fill out the request form, we can put together a look for your program and get samples sent out to you. you and have a wonderful day!

I would like to order a sample:
24/09/2017, 10:08:00 AM

My colors are navy, silver & lime green - can I get a sample

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