Perfecting the Poof

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Competitive cheerleading like dance requires athletes not only to perform, but they also need to have a unique stage presence to earn those appearance points.  Hair and makeup are essential to complete the look.  As everyone knows hair styles come and go with the change of seasons, but the “Poof” may be here to stay.  I think the search for the perfect poof not only earns a cheerleader bragging rights, but also a lot of Instagram likes!

I asked a Real Cheer Mom to help me out with a step by step tutorial of perfecting the perfect poof and a California All Star Cheer Mom has stepped up to show you her secrets.  Her child has shoulder length hair but you can modify these step for long hair as well.


Wash hair and rinse well.  Do not use hair conditioner.  Comb a styling gel through the hair. Let  hair dry or blow it dry depending on time constraint.

What you will need:

  • Teasing comb or brush
  • Pony O Pony Tail Holder
  • Bobby Pins
  • Hair Gel
  • Ultra Hold Hair Spray
  • Curl Formers


Section out portions of the hair on top of the head.  You will later use these sections for the poof.  Pull remainder of hair back into a low pony to keep it out of the way.

Hair Poof 9

Step 2 – Section Hair


Separate small sections of hair at a time and use teasing brush or comb to tease each section of hair starting at the root and tease all the way to the end, spray from a distance with hairspray. Keep repeating until you have the last section (front piece of hair).


Step 2 - Section Top of Hair for Teasing

Section top of hair for teasing. Section off small sections at a time. Use a teasing comb or brush. Spray each section of hair after teasing.


Start teasing sections of hair.

Start teasing sections of hair root to end.



Tease small sections from root to tip.


For the last front section of hair you only tease at base to help blend and then pull hair up over the entire section of teased hair.

Place 2 bobby pins at the base of the poof to hold it in place.  Then shape the poof to your liking.  Typically only 4 bobby pins are necessary to hold the poof in place.



Shape by smoothing front section of hair over the front of poof.



Bobby pin poof at base while pushing forward to create height.



Secure the final shape with bobby pins.


5) Once poof is set, pull up just a little more hair behind it and pull into a pony to create half up/half down look.



Then put in her curl formers curlers. Do small sections of hair at a time. Spray with curl forming gel  (Garnier Fructis Brand in a green bottle) and pull into curl former.

pic6poof 1Jadyn sleeps on her poof and curlers overnight. In the morning her mom can take out the curlers and run her fingers through them to fluff and separate them.  Reshape and re-tease poof as necessary.  Reapply hair spray to the entire poof.

I want to thank Thelma and Jadyn of the California All Stars Bay Area Location for helping us with this tutorial.  We appreciate the time and effort it took to get the pictures and details together for us to share with our followers.



poof 2


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